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I am a technician in everything that I do. Function dictates form, and I try my best to design around the most difficult or complicated element. I am an avid electronics and computer geek, currently building a robot, a RFID key reader system, and programming a few webpages and java applications to facilitate these and other projects.

I graduated Georgia Tech with a BS in Computer Science, Fall 2005. While at Georgia Tech, I worked alternating semesters for the MIS department of McKenney's, Inc, a HVAC company in Atlanta.

After graduation, I moved to South Lake Tahoe, and worked as a ski instructor at Sierra at Tahoe for a while, before moving to the East Bay. I also taught skiing in the winter of 06-07.

Since moving to the East Bay, I've worked consulting computer work, and built art and design projects at NIMBY Space, DSC, and now Shipyard Labs in Berkeley

(Image credit, Ian Baker)

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