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Cloth Construction

My approach to design and fabrication in all things is to identify problems, and find solutions to them using avaliable materials. I was able to acquire returned and damaged backpacks, and salvage high quality materials from them to create new backpacks.

My first backpack innovation was for rock climbing. I wanted it to have slings to hang climbing gear, and hold a hydration bladder and food internally, and a camera in a padded yet accessible pouch. I have since created two different sizes, a smaller one intended for the climber carrying the rope, and the larger for the climber carrying the rock protection and various equipment.

I have prototyped a backcountry ski backpack. The core issue with a ski backpack is that you have three classes of gear: dry stuff, wet stuff, and emergency stuff. I started with a simple dry bag design, then added a rapidly accessable sleeve for holding the avalanche rescue gear, and a separate area for holding climbing skins and other gear.

I also sew unique garments using specalized fabrics to make them ideally suited for either hot climates or fire resistance.

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