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Computer and Microcontroller Programming

I began my programming carrier with BASIC on an Intel 286 processor, and it's only gotten better since then. Graduating from Georgia Tech in 2005 with a BS in Computer Science, I am proficient with the theory and analysis of computer programming as well as practically implementing these concepts in a myriad of languages, including C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Arduino, Javascript, SQL, HTML, and other less common languages.

In Java, I have recently completed the control system for a RFID-based security system, using a SQL server as the data store, and serial communication to the individual door readers and locks. Java is my favorite go-to for quick and reliable GUI systems, due mostly to portability and good tools.

PHP, Perl, SQL, Javascript, and HTML form my web development toolbox. Through combining these technologies, I have created simple sites (such as this one), and worked on more complicated sites with larger CMS systems, for example customizing and modifying the drupal-powered sites of the Office of Letters and Light.

For embedded systems, I mostly use AVR microcontrollers or Arduino boards. AVR's have an advantage for being extremely small, light on power consumption, and easy to integrate, while Arduino controllers come with serial communication and programmer, many outputs, power regulators, and a wonderful IDE. The now-defunct Drummer project used an AVR ATMega8 to record and repeat percussion patterns with a flame effect; Rhino uses an Arduino to read input and control motors; and the RFID key system uses Arduinos to communicate with the RFID readers, store valid codes, and unlock the doors.

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