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Syzygryd electronics: Image credit: SFSlim, Aaron M

I use "electronic" to designate low-power applications which often use logic, and "electrical" to denote high power or high voltage applications, where the electricity provides a considerable amount of work.

I have worked with high-voltage, low-amperage spark applications, as well as high-amperage thermoelectric systems using nickle chromium alloys. I am currently exploring nickle titanium alloys to exploit their shape memory properties to mimic muscle fibers in robotic applications.

Past and current electrical projects:
Image Above: syzygryd's fire control electronics: 240v and 120v ignition and solenoid fire control panel with proven pilot indication and amperage detection, as well as remote disarm and fail-safe circuitry
High voltage spark ignition for Pilotless Effect
Thermoelectric NiChrome ignition for 2π r
24 volt 60 amp motor controller for Rhino

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