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Pilotless Flame Effect

flame effect test The client specified that the flame effect must not have a continuous pilot, not draw a huge amount of power, and be triggerable by a remote button, as well as being as NFPA 160 compliant as possible.

The design is a simple accumulator/solenoid valve effect, with a control circuit and high-flow plumbing.
For ignition, I designed a spark system, using a current-limited high voltage transformer, and two spark plugs atop the effect, built into a stainless steel venturi, which would mix air with the fuel to make ignition easier. Arm-state power consumption is less than .5 Watt, and firing-state power consumption is less than 250 Watts.

For general safety as well as compliance with NFPA 160 and Black Rock City regulations, the electronics box has a simple latching circuit, requiring a key for master power, and momentary switches for arm and disarm. The default state is disarmed, and it reverts to disarmed in the case of interrupted power, or resetting. For use with a remote button, a modular connection (supplying +24v, GND, and Input) exists, to power the light on a remote button. The system also includes an emergency-stop switch, designed to be located by the fuel tank.

Testing at NIMBY

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